Live an experience in an authentic preserved area

You will find a holiday site located between the Ocean and the state forest, where you can refresh your mind (and body), while sharing our environmental approach. Find different activities and our commitments in order to minimize our impact on vegetation and animals.

NATURE at the Campsite les Pinèdes de la Caillauderie

Whether you are ‘classic’ tent camper, caravan lover or look forward to a bit more comfort and rent a “Mobil-home”, we invite you to walk along our small paths and find the proper wooded place near to the forest, or close to neighboring fields.

You will find a holiday site located between the Ocean and the state forest, where you can refresh your mind (and body), while sharing our environmental approach.

The latter is simple and fully common sense, like trying to minimize people’s impact on vegetation or (wild) animals, inform and make people aware of this environment.
This may result into different activities, as shown here below.

The campsite is located 1 mile from the beach, and we have a direct access to the state forest with its stabilized cycle paths ( among which the vélodyssée ) , walking trails ( GR8 ) and horse trails. Several free maps are available at the front desk according your preferred choice.

Concerning walking trails, there are several possibilities. There are self-guided walks, starting from the campsite, with explanatory sheets that tell you the route and give you several elements on how to measure the height of a tree for example, or to differentiate the footprints of animals. These walks allow you to choose between dunes and forests, the distances to be covered, whether you are in family or in the perspective of doing the morning run. Under the stars or when it is too hot to go on the beach, you choose the best time to escape.

There are also guided walks. For an affordable price, you will leave in a small group in the forest with a guide explaining to you how the forest has been established, what plant and tree species can be found there. You may be able to see some animals, in any case you will follow their footprints.

Whatever the formulas, our goal is to share with you our chance to evolve in this privileged environment, and to give you some elements that will allow you to know it better.


We regularly organize “kids workshops”. Sometimes, those are “make it yourself” workshops to build pine cone animals. Or it may be nests building for squirrels, birds or insect huts.

We think about best locations to settle huts, depending on sun exposure, flower proximity…We discuss about animals we can find there and what they are useful for. These workshops are also an opportunity to exchange with them about the impact that pollution can have on the terrestrial or marine fauna that lives or passes nearby.

The aim is to make them aware of the environment in which they operate while having fun.


We decided to create a partnership with various local structures that share some of our values and propose activities related to nature.These partners have working axes that allow us to better understand our environments such as the sea or the forest.
For some you will go for sports, others for relaxation or discovery.

We have also chosen partners who can match you whether you are a family, a colony, a retiree, or a group of young people ; there is something for every taste :
(For more information, click on the names)

> Tourist office of Saint Jean de Monts
>Water activities with Saint Hilaire Nautisme
>Horse riding or pony rides with La Chevauchée des Dunes
> The ropes, the Archery tag… with Explora Parc
> Renting of bicycles Cycl’hop


Here are some ideas for visits that we have selected for you …
(Just click on the names to be redirected to the websites of each structure)

Cultural activities, for adults and children, to discover our environment with : The Daviaud and its presentation of the “Marais Breton Vendéen”, and Biotopia which will take you to meet the coast and the forest.

« Nature » activites  in order to learn more about plants: either aromatic and medicinal by meeting the producers of the Jardins de la Cure , or atypical and traditional by discovering the unusual fruits and vegetables of the Extraordinary Vegetable Garden (Potager Extraordinaire ).

Fun activities on the theme of the wind with workshops, exhibitions, sculptures and many other activities at the Jardin du Vent .

Historical activities, discovering a period clam in the salt marshes Marais Salants « Les Boucheaux » , folloxed by a walk at the Port du Bec for example or by visiting old citie of St Gilles and the fishing port of Croix de vie

These are just some of our outing proposals, do not hesitate to ask us according to the constitution of the family (adolescents, young children, seniors), or the group, so that we can work with you package of tours adapted to your desires.



– Purchase of recycled paper
– Using draft


– Installation of nest boxes and water supplies for insects, and birds
-Installation of houses for hedgehogs and squirrels


– Provision of bags for pre-collection of packaging in mobile homes
– Battery collector at the reception
– Composters available to customers
– 3 hens that destroy all food remains


– Timed and flow-limiting valves
– Watering and cleaning with recovery water
– Crushing of cut branches to mulch, which limits the watering of plantations


– Natural vegetation kept to maximum
– Incentive of owners to conserve vegetation
– Planting of pines
– Annual maintenance and diagnosis of the park by climbers and arborists.


– Low consumption lamps
– Solar thermal panels on a sanitary block
– Twilight Detectors for Outdoor Light
– Heating of the reception by wood coming from the campground


– Accommodation of seasonal workers in the campsite and reception of seasonal workers from outside at a preferential rate
– Groups welcome with or without supervision
– Campgrounds for overnight for itinerant hikers and cyclists


– Bus timetables displayed at the reception
– Staff use bike for displacement inside the camp
– Bicycles for rental on site
– We obtained the mark “Bicycle welcome”
– Bicycle repair kit at reception
– Tire pumps and cleaning station for bicycles

EMMA, is the guarantee of an eco-responsible stay.

Saint-Jean-de-Monts and its partners are committed to offering you an environmentally friendly holiday.
Environmental collective approach at the territorial level.
Find our commitments on